Grounds for Divorce

You must show that the marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Irretrievably broken down is proving one of the following facts:

Unreasonable behaviour
2 years separation with consent
5 years separation (no consent required)

Divorce papers are prepared using details to support one of the five reasons above. Other divorce documents are also prepared for the court.

Papers filed at Court
Also send Court fee of £550 or application for fee exemption.

Court sends papers to your Ex (the Respondent)
Court asks the Respondent to respond within 14 days

Respondent completes Court form and returns it to Court. We prepare application for you to sign.


Respondent does not return forms to court. We can arrange for agent to serve Respondent (separate fee applies)

You sign court application to apply for Decree nisi

Judge sets date for Decree nisi

Application made for Divorce final order (Decree absolute)
This can be applied for after 6 weeks and 1 day from the date set for the Decree nisi. There is no fee to apply for this.