Divorce Add-on Service


Since the mid 1970s, tying the knot abroad has become more popular than ever. Even more so today with online companies even specialising in arranging these services.

However what it also means in divorce cases is that your marriage can be in a foreign language. That will not prevent you from obtaining a divorce in England and Wales, it does mean that you will have to provide a certified translation of that marriage certificate so the Judge can read it. Only a translation by certified translation language expert can provide the certification that is approved by the Court. In addition further documents also need to be filed with the Court with the approved translation of the marriage certificate for it to be accepted by the Judge.
If you have a marriage certificate in a foreign language, we can arrange a professional translation, including the necessary authorising documents, for most languages.
The cost of this service is £145 inclusive of VAT, swearing charges, and affidavit charges.