Divorce Add-on Service


Following a divorce many women choose to change their name back to their pre marriage name. However to get everyone else to recognise this change and start using the new name, many organisations such as the passport office, the council, your doctor's surgery and your bank and employer to name but a few need a formal document recording this change and this is what this deed will enable you to do.
Changing your name by change of name deed can be swift and straight forward if you go about it in the right way. Select this service and start the process now.

What you get.
• A solicitor prepared and approved change of name deed.
• Fast and easy process.
• Your prepared Change of name deed ready for signing.
• No complicated forms.
• No legal jargon.
• A Copy of change of name deed stored at our archive for one year (request this option)
Simply select this service and provide your contact details and one of our team will contact you by email and telephone if you prefer to arrange this service.
For an additional £13.50 a copy of your name change deed can be stored at our Deeds Storage Archive. Add this service and should your original deed be lost or destroyed we can obtain a copy for you from our archive at a later date.