Divorce Add-on Service


Getting divorced involves the court serving the court papers on your spouse. However do you know the present address of your ex?
It is not uncommon in divorce that you will not know the current address of your spouse. Sometimes you can find out by asking people or asking your ex, but it is not always successful.
This service is for those who do not have or simply don't have the time to locate the address of their spouse. Resolve this problem now.
Buy our tracing service and we will arrange to instruct one of our agents to do the job of tracing your spouse for you. They work discreetly and professionally and your spouse may not even know that they have been traced.

How it works:

Buy this service now and one of our team will contact you and the tracing service can be started. You can only use this service if you are also taking out a divorce with us. Cost includes the cost of our agents and our administration cost.