Divorce Add-on Service


It is not unknown for people to approach us seeking a divorce from their ex partner whom they have not seen for many years; only to find that their ex had divorced them some years back. Unfortunately their ex had not traced them and the divorce had gone ahead without them even knowing. This is not impossible. In some cases where an ex cannot be traced a special application can be made so as to override the need for their signature. They Court will try to ensure reasonable steps have been taken to trace an ex but if they cannot be found then the court will go ahead and make an order for divorce.
Use this service to check if you are already divorced before you embark on the divorce process yourself. Especially recommended to those who are starting a divorce based on five years separation.
Instruct us and we will make a search of the past 10 years of the courts of England and Wales. To go back further than this further charges will apply.
Purchase this service and will contact you the same day to commence the process.
* Fast and simple process.
* Keep you updated.
* One of our friendly team will contact you to take instructions and explain the next steps.