Divorce Finance


A divorce will bring an end to a marriage. But a divorce does not end the financial link ex-spouses have with each other. Warning: Unless you sign a consent order with your spouse (clean break Order) your ex-spouse will still have a right to claim against your property or even claim financial support from you long into the future and even many years after the divorce.

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Our simple court approved Consent Order (Clean Break Order) is the only way you can ensure all financial claims from your ex-spouse are terminated.

The Uncontested Clean Break Order service is for those couples getting divorced who wish to terminate once and for all the financial link between them. This Uncontested clean break order Break Order is for those couples who have few or no financial assets and there is agreement reached between you both on how the property you own between you is to be divided. The benefit to you of this Clean Break Order is that once a it is approved by the Court, then you ex can not can come back to you in the future to make a financial claim against you, clearing you to get on with your life.

If you do not deal with this now, it is a false economy. Leave it and you leave yourself open to your former spouse making a claim against you for your assets in the future. We therefore strongly recommend that you deal with this now while you are in the divorce process and you have a lawyer acting for you. If you do not deal with it at the same time of your divorce, it can mean that you are putting off what needs to be done and can mean you will have to again contact your ex spouse long into the future to start this process - which can be stressful in itself.

How the service works

1. Select and buy this service and we will send you a simple questionnaire to complete.
2. Our solicitor will contact you with the court forms completed for you.
3. Our solicitor will then process the application.
4. When all of the forms are complete your application will be sent to the Court to be approved.
5. We will report back to you and keep you informed and updated throughout at any important stages.

  • Your lawyer will also be on hand to take any questions about concerns that you may have or issues that may arise on the application and be available to update you swiftly should the need arise.
  • This service does not include the actual division of the assets but is only for a court order (Consent Order/Clean Break).
  • Should there be a need to divide property one of our solicitors can provide a quote to do this separately.
  • This service is only suitable for simple cases for example where there is little or no joint assets of the family
  • Is suitable for those seeking a formal financial separation.
  • This services does not include negotiating with your spouse about who gets what.
  • This service is only suitable where there is agreement on the division of the assets.
  • An experienced family law solicitor will deal with your case.

What you will get:

• A solicitor will be allocated to deal with your case.
• All the simple consent order paperwork prepared by us.
• We contact the court and notify them we are acting for you.
• We contact your spouse or your ex-spouse's solicitors and deal with them.
• Access to your lawyer using email or direct telephone contact.
• No legal complicated words or complicated procedures. We keep it plain.
• In addition to completing the paperwork we also include telephone and email support to answer your questions arising from the paperwork.
• Protection of up to £2 million in professional indemnity insurance in every case.
• Helpful and friendly team.
• No need to take a day off work to go visit a solicitor's office or a Court.
• Updates at key stages of your application.

* Your will also need to pay to the court a fee of £50.00 for your Clean Break Order.
**If you are on low income you may be exempt. Please ask.
*** In some cases where it later becomes evident where there is not agreement - for example if your ex-spouse starts to disagree then we can still act for you but we will then quote you separately on the likely costs, which may include the cost of negotiation on your behalf. Each case is different and will be considered on its merits after consultation with you on the way forward. In such cases our Solicitor will contact you and provide you with a quote how best to take your case forward.