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What is Mediation

Across the UK, professional mediation services have been set up to help separating or divorcing couples work things out together. Mediation is not a form of relationship counselling to help couples get back together. Rather, it helps separating or divorcing couples decide how to best to end their relationship.
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What happens at Mediation

During mediation sessions you and your former spouse or partner are assisted and guided by a trained mediator. Each mediator will have their own way of working. They will have a checklist so that you can talk through all the issues and sometimes can help you with things that you have not thought of. They will talk about who is to look after the children, the money, the occupation of the place where you live or any other consequences of the separation that you need to solve so that you can separate on the best possible terms. They will try to work out what will be best in a practical way and hopefully reach agreement. And if they cannot reach agreement then at least they will help you to reach agreement on some of these things and on those what you can't reach agreement on at least you will know each other's position. The mediator will work with you separately and together as a couple so as to try to get a solution which is best for you both and the children both now and in the long term.

The number of mediation sessions you will need will depend on you and your former spouse or partner's requirements. And the good thing about mediation is that it is not binding so that if you are unsure if you reached the right agreement you can later change your position.

How We can help you

Most people going through mediation find it helpful to take private advice from a family solicitor during the process. The benefit of having a family solicitor in the background for you is that we will be available to ensure that agreements reached by you in family mediation are fair for you. And once an agreement is reached, we can be there to help you with your agreements by ensuring that it becomes legally binding.

Many couples say that mediation helped them to divorce or separate without increasing levels of hostility and to keep matters private, and that discussing their problems face to face helped them to reach fair solutions. These are important things about mediation and why it is beneficial. However it important to have your own family solicitor in the background so that you will know what your rights are regarding what is a fair division. And if mediation is not giving you what you feel you should get, it is important to have that family solicitor in the background for you to consult so that you will know what you are entitled to in those negotiations and not feel pressured into an agreement.

And once an agreement is reached, we can be there to put that agreement into a legally binding order to be approved by the Court.

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The price quoted is to discuss by way of a telephone conference one session of mediation up to 40 minutes in length. Will include reviewing all of the documents in advance.