Divorce Services


This Service is suitable for:

* Those who have received divorce papers in the post and need help and guidance from the experts.

* Those who have been told by their partners that they want a divorce.

* Those who have received divorce papers and wish to defend against divorce.

* Those who have been served divorce papers by a bailiff.

* Those who have received draft divorce papers.

The Divorce Response service is for those who have received divorce papers and wish for representation and/or guidance on how best to proceed.

Receiving divorce papers can be a time of considerable stress and a time when professional guidance is most needed. It can also be a time when you are at your most vulnerable. This is not a time to sit back and do nothing. It is a time to instruct us early so that we can step in from your side and put matters on a firm footing and give you some breathing space. Because how the divorce starts off can effect both your divorce later and also can influence future financial proceedings. Doing nothing can also increase the costs of your divorce considerably. This is a time when clear professional advice is needed on the technical aspects and to provide you with advice and options that are available going forward.

What we can do when you receive divorce papers:

* Go through the divorce papers with you to check that they are correct. If they are not correct then we can demand that they are changed to what is true.

* We also demand that they pay the cost of any changes.

* Check that any costs claimed against you are not excessive.

* Check that any court fees claimed against you are payable.

* Check if the solicitors on the other side have breached the Resolution Code of Practice.

* Ensure that your rights are 100% protected and you are treated fairly regardless of any allegations against you.

* Keep costs claimed against you to the lowest possible.

Act Now

Select and buy this option and one of our team will contact you. We will be available to give guidance on the telephone and answer your questions or we can simply take over the case for you and act for you in accepting all court papers and dealing with your case from that point, keeping you informed throughout.

How the service works:

A Solicitor will carefully consider the paperwork and divorce papers that you have received. This can be sent to us by post or email, or even through our website contact page. Our solicitor will then arrange to contact you at a time of convenience to speak with you and try to answer any specific questions and report back to you on your best options and choices what steps should be taken to best protect your legal position.

We will report back to you and keep you informed and updated throughout, or to the level that you wish to be informed. Our solicitor will also be on hand to take any questions about concerns that you may have or issues that may arise and be available to act swiftly should the need arise.

What you will get:
• Your own personal solicitor.
• All the divorce response paperwork prepared by us.
• We can contact the court and act for you.
• We can contact your partner's solicitors and deal with them.
• Access to your solicitor using direct telephone contact.
• No jargon or complicated talk. We keep it plain.
• Your case dealt with by an experienced family solicitor.
• In addition to completing the paperwork we also include an allowance of up to two hours discussion with you by phone or in person to talk through any concerns or issues arising from the divorce paperwork.