This Service is suitable for:

* Those with a "Awkward" partner.

* Those wishing to re-arrange child contact.

* Those facing court proceedings.

* Or simply those who wish to put a "provision" in place.

Child Contact and Children Issues Support

Your children are important to you. They are your future and their happiness or what is right for them is important. If a disagreement arises about your child - for example arrangements for contact break down, or a disagreement arises about how your child is being brought up, our Family Law team are here to offer you best advice on how to proceed. Trust our experienced family law team.

Getting child arrangements right can be the cause of considerable stress and anxiety if it is not done right. Getting the right child contact arrangements in place for you is important both for you and and for your child.

Our Trusted and experienced team are here can provide guidance and experience at this difficult time. We provide a same day initial telephone appointment with a solicitor where we will take instructions carefully on your needs. We then follow this up with a more detailed consultation and provide options and the way forward. All advice is given in complete confidence. You can then decide which options or steps you wish to take.

Call us now (or request a call back through our contact page) for initial guidance about this service. Explain your problem and concerns and what you want. The first consultation with the solicitor will be for taking instructing from you and initial legal advice and fact finding. After speaking with our solicitor we can then agree a path forward. And the good thing is you will know what steps are available and know your legal rights the legal rights of your child. It will then be for you to decide how to take this forward so that you can get what you need and what is best for your family - and if necessary take immediate action.

* No need to wait for long periods of time to speak to an expert.

* We can help and support you with your application but all Court orders applied for will ultimately be at the discretion of the Court.

* A call back can be agreed for a time window of your choice.


Child Arrangements Order
A 'child arrangements order' decides:
* where your child lives
* which parent your child lives with.
* when and where your child spends time with each parent.
* when and what other types of contact, like phone calls, take place.

Prohibited Steps Order
A Prohibited Steps Order can be made to stop the other parent from making a certain decision about a child's upbringing
* Can be made against anyone, not just a parent.
* Can deal with any specific issue - for example preventing a parent taking a child out of the country or preventing the removal of a child from their home, or changing school - any specific issue where another parent disagrees or feels that their say on a matter is not being taken into consideration.
* Can be made to keep your child away from a person who is a bad influence on your child.

Specific Issue Order
An application for a Specific issue order covers a wide area of potential disputes. Just some examples of this would be:
• Medical Treatment. Should a child be treated for a specific medical problem.
School. The choice of school for a child. For example which school the child should attend - a particular primary school or private school or religious school.
Changing a child's name.
Which religion a child is to be brought up in.
Permission to take a child on holiday.
Which parent a child shall stay over with during the festive break or Easter time.

We can arrange for Mediation in your local area with a trained and court approved mediator.
In some cases you must meet with a mediator before you can go to court - however this doesn't apply in some cases - for example if there's been domestic abuse.
We can arrange for introduction to a court approved mediator.

How we charge for taking your case forward

Only when we agree a plan with you on the way forward our solicitor can then provide you with a written quote for the cost of their work required to take the next steps in your plan of action. We can assist with both preparing court applications statement taking and evidence gathering. We can also arrange court representation using a family law barrister where one is required. Our charging rates are competitively priced at £170 per hour.

Our promise to you.

* All fees quoted will be agreed by you in advance before any work is started.

* We also give our promise that all agreed fees will be kept to.

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