Your Divorce affects your Will. It will remove gifts to a former spouse, and will remove them as executors. But what about if you suddenly died before that divorce final order is made by the Court?
The answer is simple: Unless you change your Will, you're Will remains fully effective until you divorce. And should you not have a Will already in place, then your divorcing spouse could receive your entire estate.
If you are considering divorce then most people no longer wish for their ex spouse to to receive all of their estate, either under the terms of an existing will, or due to the law of marriage. For this reason we recommend that a Will is prepared in order to stop this happening in the event that you were to die between now and the final date of your decree absolute in your divorce.
Preparing a new Will now will give you the reassurance of removing any gifts to your spouse and removing them as executors of your Will.
Once your divorce final order is made we then we will then at no charge to you prepare a new Will without further cost providing it is done within 1 year.
You can then appoint new executors and re-distribute your estate so that your spouse does not receive any benefit in your new Will.
Also in your Will you can you can appoint guardians for your children.
What you will get:
• A Solicitor prepared Will to be signed by you. A copy stored at our offices.
• Legal Advice on the consequences and effect of a new Will.
• Free telephone consultation with a solicitor you regarding your new Will.
• The opportunity to re-arrange your financial affairs and appoint who will look after your estate and ensure where possible that your former spouse will receive nothing.
• A review of your existing Will if requested.
• Polite and friendly service.
• Prompt service and no legal jargon
Benefits to you:
• Often used by couples who are in the process of divorcing.
• The reason for the new Will is to remove gifts in any family Will arrangements regarding property, children, debts, and is often used as a temporary agreement until the Divorce Final order.
• Instructions will initially be taken from you by way of a telephone interview, or if you prefer by way of a form to complete online. Your new Will sent to you for approval before a final version is prepared. You can telephone us to discuss your Will so that we can help you to get it right first time.
• When the Will is prepared we will send the hard copy to you by post.

Please Note:
• This service is not suitable for those with complex estates or those with assets abroad or those with estates valued over £325,000.00.

Note: We also offer initial telephone legal guidance about a divorce Will. Call us now on 01582 967707, or contact us through our contact page and we will arrange to call you back at an agreed time.

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