Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse

We take domestic abuse very seriously.

But what is Domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse is when someone who is close to you, for example your spouse or partner, causes you physical or mental, social or financial harm. It can either be just a threat or can be an actual act against you. It can be something that may not be physically harmful to you such as intimidation or controlling behaviour but it can be all part of domestic abuse. It can be something that happens once in a while or it can be something that happens regularly.

Getting legal protection

If you want to get legal protection we can apply to the County Court for an injunction order on your behalf. We can apply to the court for an occupation order on your behalf to have the abuser removed from your home. In our experience an injunction order can provide a victim of abuse breathing space - space for you to feel protected and free so that you can clear your mind and make clear decisions about the future. We can also apply for an occupation order so as to exclude the abuser from the home. Again, this can give you the space to fee free so that you can clear your mind and make decisions on your own about your future.

Our Approach:

Our expert domestic abuse solicitor team can advise and guide you. We act with sensitivity and high professional standards in all cases. We listen to your circumstances. After taking instructions from you we advise on the best way forward which in some cases may be simply a letter to your abuser warning them that their behaviour will not be tolerated further and that any further acts of abuse from them will be met with injunction proceedings through the Courts. Or if we think it necessary then we can recommend applying to the Court for an Order to be made by the Judge against your abuser. Every case is different and our experienced solicitor will consider each case circumstance.

All calls are treated in the strictest confidence.

Let us Help

Anyone can be a victim of domestic abuse. Let our experienced team guide you. We are committed to helping people who fall victim to domestic abuse or domestic violence. We are strong on abuse. We believe that early action is the best policy if only a letter just to show that you are not alone. Ignoring abuse will not make it go away and by doing nothing you are sending a message that you can be bullied. Let us help. Call now and speak to an expert and find out you options.

Solicitors Letter.

We believe that on half of all cases a strongly worded solicitors letter to your abuser can have an initial impact that in some cases will deal with your problem quickly and economically. We believe that when properly worded, letting your abuser know that you have a solicitor on hand who is ready to take action will make them consider their position. We have found that in a high proportion of cases, this is sufficient and no further action in the future is needed.

For an initial appointment at a fixed fee to discuss your options, select this service. Our specialist legal team can advise you on the best way forward. We supply first class legal advice on domestic violence or domestic abuse. We are waiting for your call. Call our family law solicitor now on 01582 967707 or contact us online and we will call you back.


We offer initial guidance and solutions. We also offer fixed fee services which include all of our services: from writing a warning letter to applying to court for an injunction or order for someone to be removed from your house and for them to stay away from a geographic area around your property.
* All prices agreed in advance by you.
* You get to view and approve any letters before they are sent.
*Direct telephone access to your solicitor.
*Out of hours telephone contact availability to your solicitor once you instruct us.
* Fast and approachable service.
* If necessary for you to attend court we have agents and family law barristers across England and Wales so that you can attend court in safety.
*In some cases we may be able to secure an order from the court that your abuser will pay a contribution toward your legal costs.

Accused of Domestic Violence or Domestic Abuse?

We also act for those who have been accused of domestic abuse or violence.

All calls treated in the strictest of confidence.